{NYC} A Walk in Greenwich Village


The home of Carrie Bradshaw, and Magnolia Bakery - Greenwich Village is by far my favourite part of Manhattan. The quaint character of West Villages' unique boutique shops, cute patios, and gorgeous brownstone homes, all bring a smile to my face as I stroll through the neighbourhood.

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What's in that bag you ask? Oh, well let me tell you. I first discovered the MAJE store when I was in Paris last year. Now every time I see it, I make it a rule to browse the store - especially when it is in my favourite part of town!

I have been eyeing this GORGEOUS camel-coloured wool coat by Maje. I tried to avoid trying it on for the longest time, since I knew I would would have a really bad (but GOOD) problem ... let me just show you:


... RIGHT?!

In case you love it as much as I do, it is called the Glasgow. Oh hey, my dad was born in Glasgow, Scotland... a SIGN you say? I believe so.

Anywho, the price tag for me was a little steep. But the uniqueness of such a coat is what left me thinking ...

I. Need. This.

I love the cape-style of the coat, and absolutely fell in love with the high-neck option. And the COLOUR?! Yaaaaas. But somehow, I didn't think this gorgeous coat would keep me very warm during our lovely Canadian winters .. :(

I thought for the price tag, I don't think this coat is very worth it in the long-run.

So as difficult as it was to hang the coat back on the rack in the perfect Greenwich Village store, there was something else that caught my eye.



Yup. Another cape.

but ... BUT, this one was different. Not only was it a trench-coat styled-cape, it was a trench-coat styled-cape ON SALE. Yes ladies, Maje does have sales, and great ones at that! This coat was less than half the price of the camel-coloured coat! (and of course I could not say no). It was the last coat, and worked out to be exactly my size. The beauty of this coat is that not only am I limited to wearing this in the fall/winter - Because it is a trench coat, I can even get away with wearing it during evenings in early spring! Black being a versatile colour, really makes it a timeless, all-year-round sort-of piece.

So moral of the story, don't feel bad for not committing to a piece, or buying something that you thought you were madly in love with. There is always something similar out there that may just do the job .. if not, be even better than the original.

It's funny, because I think the same logic applies to men. 

Speaking of men, since I was in MAN-Hattan, I decided to pay a visit to my favourite New Yorker.


Of course I said hello to Miss Carrie Bradshaw. We had a lovely afternoon, shoe shopping and sipping cosmopolitans.

Perfect way to end my day in the village.


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