How to Look Chic at the Airport

How to Look Chic at the Airport


The airport can be full of rush, stress, and all sorts of craziness - but who says that you can't walk (or RUN as you catch your connection) to your gate in style? Here are some style tips that I personally use while I'm at the airport that are trendy, yet comfortable. Whether you are waiting for your flight while browsing through the bookstore Vogue, or up in the freezing-cold air, follow these tips and you will be sure to stay cozy, and chic throughout your journey!

1. Scarf

The item that I NEVER forget when I travel, is a scarf. This is not only stylish, but it also works as a great blanket on those long, tiring flights when you're up in the cold air.

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2. Floppy Hat

I love complementing my outfits with a floppy hat. It adds character to your look, and if it is made of  warm fabrics like wool, it will be sure to keep your head extra toasty while you are up in the air. It is also great during those long journeys when you don't have any dry shampoo handy... sometimes you just want to cover your scalp when you're having those bad hair days!

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3. Sunglasses

I never go without my sunglasses on any trip. Although they are mainly used while on land, I find them especially useful for my flights since it can become super bright in the airplane cabin. When you're seated next to the window, and longing for some shut-eye, sometimes I use them as a sleeping/eye mask so that I can get some ZzzZZzz on my trips. And of course, you also look extra chic ... who knows, you might run-in to David Beckham!

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4. Black Tights

I LOVE travelling with my Lululemon yoga tights. They might just be my favourite travel item to wear after the scarf. Not only can you pull them off with any coat or oversized sweater, they are extremely comfortable and breathable. I recommend travelling with a pair that has side pockets. I usually slip my phone or lipstick in them since they are easily accessible here. I would also recommend wearing the tights that are lined with fleece. These will keep you toasty warm while you're up in the friendly skies, or waiting at the cold airport gate.

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5. Side-Sling Bag

Since I usually travel with a carry-on luggage case, as well as a backpack for my laptop, I like to carry a side-sling bag or purse to hold my important items such as my passport, boarding pass, wallet and phone. Carrying the slide-sling allows my arms to be free as I juggle all of my belongs, because I'm essentially carrying my "home" (carry-on case) and "office" (backpack) with me! - that's what I like to tell my clients. The side-sling holds my important items, is easy to carry, very accessible, and of course stylish!

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6. Ankle Boots

Deciding what shoes to make your "travel-shoes" can be challenging. I've worn everything from runners, to heels, to flip-flops - but I've discovered that ankle boots are my favourite shoes to travel with. They keep you warm on flights since they are closed-toed, and you can accommodate wearing thick socks with them. They also serve as great "going-out" shoes when you reach your destination, so they are very versatile. Since heels can add tons of weight to your luggage (I have definitely learned the hard way on this one), instead of packing them in your suitcase, just wear them with you as you travel. They are stylish, comfortable, they give you some height, and I love the "clacking" sound they make as you walk through the airport!

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