{NYC} My Last Week in Manhattan


I was living in Manhattan for over a month, and time just FLEW. When did it suddenly become fall!?

Pictured above is one of the entrances to the Plaza Hotel in NYC. I pretended I was "Eloise" who lived in the Plaza, and seemed to have "gotten lost" during my own little tour I had created. I've decided that I'm going to hang a chandelier just like the above in my future Greenwich Village brownstone  . . . don't worry I will make it work!

Here are a few of my favourite memories during my last week in the city


The hotel staff became my friends and they often treated me to the corner rooms! This time I got three large windows with amazing views of the city. Times Square being my alarm-clock in the morning.

C E N T R A L  P A R K


Some fun at Bloomy's . . .

Both of these lovely pieces can be found at Bloomingdales

Left: Marbon Sweater by Soft Joie

Right: SJP LBD by Sarah Jessica Parker



 To conclude my fabulous trip in NYC, I decided to end with a bang .. a very sharp one at that. I had my ears pierced at Bergdorf Goodman by The End is Near piercing salon. Adam calmed me down since I did not have anyone to hold my hand as he poked two sharp needles through my ear lobes. NOPE he did not use a piercing gun!! How brave AM I?!

As painful as it was, I have to say, I am very happy with the end result:


As an early 25th birthday present to myself, I treated myself to a pair of Sydney Evan Starburst studs in white gold. I love them so much because of the star shape, and the small, dainty size. I also adore the detail of the small diamonds - the touch of sparkle is definitely what makes them! Since this is my third piercing, I think the delicate size of the earrings are just perfect. They can be easily paired and "stacked" with other earrings. Plus a girl can never have enough diamonds 😉

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